Pat problems

Pat Robertson is at it again. Can he be stopped?

My friend David Alexander gives Pat the amount of space he deserves. I cannot be so brief.

I wouldn’t care what Pat said if he weren’t such a public face of CHristianity. Much as I would like to deny it, there are many people that think of Pat Robertson whenever Christianity is brought up. Thus, when Pat Robertson speaks, for many it is as if the entire church speaks.

What a buffoon he has become! Of course it isn’t as though Pat Robertson is the only Christian who has become a buffoon, but most of us don’t have our own cable television networks, so our occasional buffoonery is not as dangerous.

Last week I learned about an online polling service and wanted to try it out by making a poll inviting people to compare Pat with other notorious Christian buffoons, but I couldn’t think of anyone on a comparable level!

Check this out!

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