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Somethings I am slow to learn.  “You get what you pay for” is one of these.

A couple of months ago I splurged (I thought) on a Monster brand ipod adapter/fm transmitter for my car.  I had bought several models at half its price, each of which worked for at least a couple of weeks.

The Best Buy employee who was helping me find my next adapter/transmitter explained that Monster had an excellent warranty – if it ever broke, he assured me, they would replace it.

About three weeks ago, it broke.  I should clarify; we broke it.  A passenger accidently crushed it against the console of the vehicle.  We managed to get it back together enough to work, though it no longer charged the ipod.   Since the damage was inflicted upon it, I did not immediately pursue a remedy with Monster.

A few days later, though, I decided to call and check on the possibility of replacement.  From the start, I admitted the damage was not due to a defect of product or assembly; it was my fault.

Monster told me to send it in, they would replace it.  In collecting more information, they learned it was not the latest model.  I asked if I might include some form of payment and upgrade to the latest model, since, after all, they were sending me a new adapter.  Even though it had been my fault.

The polite “Monster” (as those handling customer service called are titled) told me that was not possible.  Ok, no problem.  Let’s get the RMA and address information, and get on with it.

Just when I thought we were finished, the monster said matter-of-factly, “We’ll go ahead and upgrade that for you, too.”

Today they gave me the FedEx tracking number so I could follow my replacement upgrade.  It is due here tomorrow.

Monster products are not the cheapest available.  But they have won a lifetime customer here.  Thanks, Monster!

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