NYWC Atlanta Green

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

Atlanta is in the midst of a pretty severe drought – so what’s the upside of 5500+ youth workers visiting the city for a long weekend? Though many of us live in parts of the country not currently facing drought, living in the midst of it for a few days might be good for us.

It would not hurt, after all, for all of us everywhere to use water more wisely.

Here are a few other things Rachel and I have done this weekend to green up the National Youth Workers Convention.

  • We haven’t accepted a single plastic bag
  • We have turned down many of the handouts and other freebies; accepting only the ones we might want or use
  • We’ve taken minimal paper from vendors. Give me a business card with your website rather than 14 pages of glossy pictures
  • We’ve carried our own water bottle and insulated cups – water, coffee, and tea for a weekend convention and not a single styrofoam or paper cup consumed!
  • Navy showers  (forgot this one in the first edit because we’ve actually been doing this for over a month now)

I’d be happy to hear your insights on other ways we might cut down on consumption – things you do or have done, tweaks to normal behaviors, etc.

5 thoughts on “NYWC Atlanta Green

  1. i carried my own coffee cup as well through the week. i turned down a bunch of stuff in the expo area, but that wasn’t really a green decision.. more like, i don’t wanna carry that crap!

  2. You probably don’t want to do what I do … I tend to drink up the half-empty water bottles left lying around here, to keep from wasting it. That’s why I now have my kids’ cold.

    I have quit printing out journal articles, even though I also refuse to pay $200 for Adobe software so I can mark up PDF files. Instead, I cut n paste ’em into Word, which is horribly inadequate.

    Does cleaning out the fridge and feeding what I find to our pack of dogs count as being green? Probably not. Although it might occasionally turn them green …

  3. I have finished off half-empty water bottles – in Atlanta it might have been helpful to water plants with such leftovers.

    Like you, I’m trying to get used to not feeling the need to print out everything I want to read.

    Feeding your dogs with the stuff from the frig is far better than sening it to the landfill, so, sure, it’s green!

  4. to tell a paper story. i try never to print paper unless i have too, so i will open up browsers of information in anticipation of needed info later. once i was traveling to thomas nelson to do some target audience research thing. i had the directions on the computer, so i didn’t have to print directions. the computer died, i was super late.. i apologized and told why. the head person laughed, and said something like ‘you sound like donald miller’.. i took that as a pretty good compliment.

    kim, if you get a mac, they have the print function that can convert any doc into pdf. or if you use google documents you can convert into pdf.. haven’t tried coming out of pdf except what you have done copying the whole document and pasting.

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