Don’t Bite this Apple!

No one is all right OR all wrong. (Ok, maybe the latter wouldn’t hold up, but no one is all right, right?) Not even Apple and Steve Jobs. Wired admitted last week, that they were wrong about some tips they had offered Apple in 1997.  In another interesting piece on March 18, Wired also acknowledged that Apple’s success may, at least in part, be due to ways they don’t fit in with silicon valley wisdom.

But I’ve got to think that Steve Jobs got it wrong here.  Apple’s CEO says that the various methods of electronic delivery of book material, from Amazon’s Kindle to e-books, to other resources is all a waste because “the fact is that people don’t read any more.”

Do you read?  Go to TreeHugger and take the poll.   Then come back here and tell us what you’re reading.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Bite this Apple!

  1. Jobs said that????

    So, when I stand in line at Barnes & Noble, and see all the books being purchased ahead of me . . . people are decorating their homes with them????

    I am rediscovering my favorite author again, Colin Fletcher. Just re-read his book “The Man Who Walked Through Time,” and just ordered “The Complete Walker, 4th edition,” the book he is most known for.

    Have you read any of the “New Rebellion” materials from Nelson Publishing?

  2. No, I haven’t read, or heard of, the New Rebellion stuff.

    Like you, though, I enjoy working my way through the crowds at Barnes & Noble. (In fact, I can remember hardly ever finding a chair open there…)

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