5 thoughts on “Fuel for Thought

  1. This is a tough one for me. I think that we desperately need to curb our use/need of oil, but the reality is pretty complex. We have a very large country geographically and many rural people are also some of the poorest. These people have to drive further to get to work. Farmers also need petrol, as does shipping. If stores pay more for petrol, then consumers pay more for food. These are not good things. It is complex.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re asking with this. Do I think that having the lowest tax rate (of the countries listed) on fuel contributes to our high fuel consumption? Do I think we should be happy because our tax rate is low? Do I think that, as a wealthy country, we should pay more for fuel?

    I think that depending on fuel taxes (or cigarette taxes) to fund government expenditures puts Uncle Sam in a position of depending for revenue on something we as a nation claim to want to reduce (fuel consumption or cigarette consumption). Which is the REAL goal — taxing fuel/cigarettes out of widespread use, or making lots of money?

    Of course, I’m totally biased toward the view that most of the world calls the “cowboy” mentality. I think the government should butt out of our business, I believe that small government, low taxes, taxes collected only for expenditures that benefit the collective and that the collective agrees upon, and local control … those are the way to go, because I also think they afford us the most freedom. And I think that eventually flying without a net with no government programs to bail us out would produce a citizenry that saves money whenever possible (which would reduce consumption of fuel, and who knows, maybe cigarettes too).

    But I don’t know if you were asking for that.

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