No; Really?

Check this out:  CBS reports that  “All their lives, the girls in the polygamist sect in the West Texas desert were told that the outside world was hostile and immoral….” (emphasis added)

Have we, the “outside world,” proven them wrong?  Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I don’t think they’ve been treated with hostility as compared to, say, the Branch Davidians, but don’t you imagine that from the perspective of the insider, the past couple of weeks could be reasonably construed as “hostile”?

As to immoral, I have to admit, well, yeah, we’ve got a good bit of that going on out here in the rest of the world.  But if someone who is trying to legitimate marrying of 15 year old girls to 50 year old men is the one complaining about Desperate Housewives, I think the pot is commenting on the kettle….

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