I am The Man

I’m not bragging; it is a bitter pill to swallow.  I am, nevertheless, The Man.

Mid 40’s, white, college educated, American male-that’s exactly who I am.

This is a discomforting realization for a guy who always saw himself as counter-culture, anti-establishment.

How can it be that “Fight the Power” and “Stick it to the Man!” are some of my favorite things to say?

2 thoughts on “I am The Man

  1. Why do you need to play one role or another? Why worry about being “The Man” or “The Rebel?” Why not just be “Steve: Called and Empowered by Jesus?” Our culture, fragmented as it is (and revels in being), offers various scripts for being “counter-cultural,” yet all are themselves scripts from within that very culture. As a willing participant in another culture, another story line, what you do may, from time to time, seem to make sense in light of one or another (American/Modern) culture roles. But at least as often, likely more, what you do as a participant in the other culture will be downright strange in people’s common estimation.

    That’s a really verbose way of saying, “Don’t worry about it.”

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