….Makes You Wonder

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Texas State Troopers and DFPS raided a compound in Eldorado earlier this month upon the threat of child sexual abuse.  The Compound, known by those who live there as the YFZ or Yearning for Zion Ranch, belongs to a group identifying themselves as Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS.

The FLDS is a group known mostly for polygamy. Our local paper, the Waco Tribune-Herald, carried an article last week about polygamy, and how common it is.  Most polygamists fly well under the radar, don’t group themselves into compounds, and according to the article, lead relatively “normal” lives.

Rather than discussing what a “normal” life looks like, I’d like to take this a different direction.  What if some people are predisposed toward polygamy?

Do laws against polygamy unfairly burden people who may have been “born that way?”

If polygamy were legalized, and thus regulated, would the state have a better method of limiting abuse in such families?

Only half my tongue is my my cheek as I ask these questions.

3 thoughts on “….Makes You Wonder

  1. it’s an interesting question though.
    if polygamy were legal, would there be “secret” ranches?
    there wouldn’t be the “detaining” of the wives for fear of their secret getting out.


  2. I think you’d still have to have communities dedicated to this lifestyle even if it were legal. Because it takes a particular type of mindset for a woman to be willing to be one of many while she is married to only one. And that mindset probably needs a lot of community support not to break down.

    There is a genetic predisposition for some people to commit adultery. It’s called the male genetic pattern. No joke, aren’t males more likely to cheat (statistically speaking, of course … don’t protest “well, I don’t!” because that’s not the point) ?

    I think it’s Garrison Keillor that said (again, only partly tongue-in-cheek) that monogamy for a man is sort of like a bear riding a bicycle. He can do it, but he’d rather be in the woods being a bear.

    OK, now that I’ve alienated all the men reading this blog, I’ll back out again and let everybody slam me. I really do like men … how could I not, with the great dad I had, the great husband I have, and the three beautiful boys I’ve given birth to? (A parting justification for those of you who don’t know me.)

  3. I wrote (and actually submitted a paper) in seminary about bestiality. It was a bit controversial at the time, but it basically took the ‘I was born this way” out to what our society now deems beyond the moral limits of sexuality. I found it interesting to hear of people who felt they were born attracted to other species.

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