Snail’s Eye View

Walking home from the gym this morning, I noticed a snail crossing the rain-dampened street.  My first thought was that the snail would never make it all the way across.

I started musing that the snail must not understand what these swaths of asphalt are, and especially not get that multi-ton things on rolls of rubber fly by at 20 miles an hour.  Cars crush snails when they dare venture onto asphalt.

I walked on, realizing how silly it would be to expect the snail to see and understand the world from my perspective.  I can see the course of the next hour of that snail’s life, while he (or she) is just doing what snail’s do – sliming from one place to another

I wonder if God thinks similar thoughts of us. Surely God can see where you and I are headed with our lives, and knows already where some of our decisions will take us.  We can’t expect to be able to see and know things the way God does.  But, thank God, we do have available to us the presence of the One who does know and who offers to lead us.

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