One Thing NOT to Give Away

Rachel and I returned Saturday from the Alternatives for Simple Living Board meeting.  Alternatives is a Christian organization whose aim is to empower and encourage people to live simpler lives.

One of the ways I’ve been moving in this direction over the past few years is by learning to give up things.  Perhaps the better word is “stuff.”  For instance, when I moved to McGregor almost 4 years ago, I had there two bedrooms full of boxes of stuff that I never used while in McGregor.  I maintained two rooms full of stuff for 3 years!

Upon being appointed to the Methodist Children’s Home (and being engaged to Rachel, who is the anti-pack-rat), I decided that if I hadn’t needed or used the stuff in two years, I didn’t need to love it again. (some of it, honestly, I hadn’t opened or used in Mart, where I had lived for 4 1/2 years before that, either)  So we put together a garage sale and what I didn’t sell I gave away or threw away.

This past week, for my birthday, I bought a used digital camera, a Pentax K110D.  I had been wanting a digital SLR camera for years.  There is just so much more you can do with  an SLR than with a “point and shoot.”  When I was 15 I had bought a Pentax ME Super and loved it.  I even purchased a couple extra lenses, and shot lots of film.

The camera arrived in the mail yesterday.  I tossed the whole house to find my old camera bag with the lenses in it (I saved money buying a camera body only, since I owned the lenses).  I couldn’t find it anywhere. Apparently, I had given away the old-school  camera.  I had a couple of lenses for it, but, with the digital age with us, I hadn’t used the camera in a decade.

So, the moral of the story is: don’t hold onto stuff you don’t need and don’t use.  DO hold onto your memory, though.  It comes in handy sometimes.

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