On “Putting Politics Aside”

“It is time to put partisan politics aside….”

Bill Clinton is the first I remember hearing utter this phrase.  Since them, of course, many have joined the chorus.  When it served their own political purpose.

Last week, “W” announced his bail out plan for hte financial crisis as a time when we should “put politics aside.”  John McCain soon joined President Bush in this effort by suspending his campaign and announcing he would forgo the debate scheduled for Friday, September 26th, in the interest of “putting politics aside.

Is it just me, or does “put politics aside…,” really mean that we should just do whatever he or she says immediately after that phrase?  In effect, the statement is “we should put politics aside and just agree with me/do what I say.”

I’d like to hear or read of a politician saying that we ought to “put politics aside” and then suggest doing something that his/her party would generally be oppsed to.

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