Life Is Like Water

Walking along Dillon Reservoir, I noticed water rippling across the water. It looked like it had began off to the east, beyond a bend I couldn’t see past.
The ripples continued all the way across the reservoir! As the distance grew, they became smaller, eventually only really visible because the pattern followed, but it was clear: the waves lasted until they hit something.

I began to think about what this means if a life is like a body of water. Things that causes the waves; events, challenges, tragedies, even points of excitement and promise, ripple on through the rest of our lives.

Unless something stops them. Jetties are built to keep the water in harbors smoother than that of the body of water they are a part of. But jetties, natural or man-made, have a double affect; they protect the smaller body from waves in the larger body, and they also make waves created within the harbor bounce back on themselves.

How does the jetty-protected harbor compare with life?  The more protected or set apart a portion of one’s life is, the more then waves caused by events within that part get mixed back in on themselves and confused.

On the other hand, the more open, connected, and continuous we can make our lives, the more clarity we can gain on the waves that come upon us.  They will last longer; perhaps even go on forever, but as we move from the source, the size and intensity will dissipate and lessen.

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