Perspective II

I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show on Election Day.  He opened the show by inviting listeners to call and tell him whom they had voted for and why.

The first 2 callers were McCain supporters, and both said they supported him and the Republican Party because of their commitment to smaller government.

This would make sense if

1.    Smaller government were a good thing and
2.    Republicans had shown a history of commitment to smaller government.

I don’t want to debate point 1 here, but want to focus on point 2. The Republican Party has, at least since Reagan (who was first elected when I was 17; I didn’t follow politics much before that), continued to increase federal spending while campaigning on a platform of smaller government.

A graph borrowed from the Independent Institute, a libertarian think tank, shows that federal spending has increased under the leadership of every recent president.


Granted, the majority of the Reagan-era spending was Defense related, it is nevertheless true that government spending increases no matter which party is in the White House.

The real question before us is not so much about spending.  The real question is how is it that the Republican Party continues to campaign on lowering federal government spending when they have no track record of actually decreasing such spending?

In case you are concerned at the political and thus not theological nature of this post, set the political aspect of it aside for a minute.  An organization has apparently convinced a good number of citizens that it stands for something that its actions bear no support whatsoever of this stance.

There we are, church.  But we have allegedly been at it far longer than 30 years.  We have preached the good news of transformation of life and character by the power of the God who created us all, yet our own lives show no more sign of this than the population as a whole.

Perhaps we can all learn something from this.  Let us share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our lives, our actions, and even our words.

3 thoughts on “Perspective II

  1. Since we’re a two party and two party only country, those who desire a smaller, leaner federal government have to turn somewhere. They don’t hear the right noises from the Dems, but they do from the Reps. On the other hand, we’ve been trained for a good while to want government to buy us off. We all want our leaders to cut “waste,” but we’re never able to find anything that everyone agrees on AS waste.

  2. I’m with Richard on this. And this is the very reason that people like me are disgusted and unenthusiastic. But, if we want to do our civic duty and choose a viable candidate, those of us who believe in a minimalist government don’t have much choice.

    And, I must say that although I don’t agree with most of what the Democrats say and do, I do see why many people vote that way. I just think Dems believe in big government and Republicans believe in big business. I don’t believe in big anything. I believe in “local truths,” meaning that power heavily weighted toward individual communities is power more responsive to the people.

    Mainly I vote Republican because of social issues. And contrary to popular belief, not believing in a welfare state does not equal not caring about the poor. I do care. I just don’t like all that money being gathered and distributed from Austin or Washington. Because power over the coffers equals power period.

    Yes, Steve, we are smart enough to figure out that we are not getting what we/re promised out of those supposedly for smaller government. But we’re also not likely to vote for those who blatantly believe government is the answer.

    I’m thinking there’s some kind of force that sucks the brain right out of you when you step inside the Washington beltway.

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