It is that time of year again. The request came out last week for all clergy of the District to contribute towards a gift for our District Superintendent.

I don’t participate in this.

I could; easily. The requested amount, $15 each, is nothing for me. On the other hand, we have a lot of clergy making far less than I, many with more family and other expenses.

On the other end of the collection, our DS makes more than $100,000 a year.

Dollars aside, I don’t think it is appropriate to take collections for superiors.

8 thoughts on “Gifting

  1. This is particularly ironic given that Michael and I received a publication from an “Alternative Methodist” organization yesterday (the name escapes me) about being “smaller” at Christmas. Really interesting stuff about overdoing it with suggestions for simpler gifts and “nothing new” gifts-purchasing sustainable things, only recycled or used things from thrift stores.

    More power to you for not donating. I personally like the flood bucket idea. Last year for WFUMC and Baylor, we donated an angel from a gift tree and took a plate of cookies with the info on the gifts we bought in honor of our co-workers.

  2. Doug and his office staff exchange gifts at Christmas, but they do work in the same office. And he gives them stuff too, it’s not just one way.

    Among the adults in our family, the trend has gone toward small gifts under the tree plus gift cards for either services or something practical like Lowe’s. Services like massage therapy, or a dinner out at a restaurant.

    We spent one Christmas in a motel room in Austin … since we opened gifts when we got back home, I packed stuffed stockings. This was back when everybody still believed in Santa Claus. I do believe that we got as much enjoyment out of the stockings alone as we ever did out of the full shebang in years we were at home on Christmas.

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