Around the next corner…

I pull into the rental car return lot to return my car.  There are a number of open spaces, but I can’t get to any of them because there’s a guy in a little black SUV who is in absolutely no hurry to get anywhere – and he is right in front of me.  I’m in enough of a hurry that I’m tempted to honk.  All I want is to get to that parking spot right…over…there….

Finally he meanders forward enough for me to park.  I lurch forward dramatically, as if that will show him what a nuisance he’s been to me, then I almost instantly regret having acted so impatiently.

I get out, and rush into the airport to check in at the rental desk.  I have a couple of possibilities for a ride home, but I haven’t heard from either of them, so I consider starting to hike.  It can’t be more than a couple of miles.

I need the exercise.

I’ll hear from one of my possible rides soon, and my walking part of the way will have saved them some time.

It would have been nice if that little black SUV would have moved faster.  I could have been on my way already.

I walk out of the terminal just about of an older couple. On a lark, I ask if they would possibly not mind giving me a ride back into town.

They say of course not.  When I tell them I’m going to Methodist Children’s Home, and that I am the Chaplain, she smiles sweetly and shares that her husband is the pastor of a church in town, and has been for the past 46 years.

They are waiting for their grandson, “who is around here somewhere,” to pull up and pick them up.  She pulls out her cell phone, and the two of them fumble to make the call.

In about a minute, a little black SUV pulls around the corner to pick us up.

I am suddenly glad I hadn’t been any ruder, and, in fact, wishing I had been a little more patient.

4 thoughts on “Around the next corner…

  1. I lol-ed, Johnny, when I read your comment, then thought this story must share some qualities with all those forwarded emails. that doesn’t invalidate the story, though. It also doesn’t mean you should respond to the next request for help you get from Nigeria…

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