The Times needs a Changin’

For those of you who think the church is out-of-touch, we’ve got nothing on the New York Times! Ben Witherington connected me to this article in the New York Times about increased church attendance brought on by the economic downturn.

I don’t want to take issue with the claims of the article about attendance being up or about churches directing their ministries toward the issues people are facing.  I want to take issue with this representation of preachers:

Many ministers have for the moment jettisoned standard sermons on marriage and the Beatitudes to preach instead about the theological meaning of the downturn.

This little characterization makes me wonder if the Times goes to the Simpson’s church for their perspective on Christianity in America.

Am I rare among preachers who have never limited their “standard sermons” to marriage and the Beatitudes? I have preached on marriage, and the beatitudes are good even in times of economic uncertainty.

It is hard to beleive, but I’ve been at this preaching every week thing for almost 20 years. I have never come close to falling into preaching the feel-good pablum of Rev. LoveJoy, and doubt that many actual pastors have.

Get with the times, Times.  Visit a church or two before you trot out generalizations.


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