‘Twas the Tuesday before Christmas

Rachel and I went yesterday after work to try and get all of our grocery shopping done for the holiday weekend. Her family is coming to visit, so we really needed to stock up.

We weren’t the only ones.  The HEB on Wooded Acres (affectionately known as the “Taj ma-Heeb”) was packed.  You couldn’t turn a corner with a cart without having to wait for families to pass.  Sometimes you couldn’t get your cart up an aisle, so people were leaving their carts and darting into aisles for items, and scurrying back to their carts.

Well, there was very little scurrying happening, actually.  Scurrying implies moving quickly and there wasn’t space for that.

Yet, in the midst of that many people, no one I saw seemed to be in a bad mood.  No one, it seemed, was letting this mass of humanity get under there skin.

While all of us were shopping, the HEB employees were moving about among us, answering questions of where to find what and also re-stocking.

Every check-out line was open.  A couple of employees were passing out cookies to those waiting in line.

More crowded than any mall I’ve ever been in, and yet, not a bad attitude to be found.

Thank you, HEB.  Thank you, fellow shoppers.

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