Not just another new year (perhaps)

Lying awake thinking can be bad, or it can be good.  Last night for me, it was good.

I consider myself fairly witty (please comment), and much of my wittiness comes in the form of puns and various other plays on words.

Much of it also comes in the form of sarcasm.

Lying awake thinknig last night, I was struck with how hurtful such sarcasm can be.  I was also struck with the realization that much of my most caustic sacasm erupts when I feel defensive or hurt about something.

So, much as I have always lvoed being the one who could sling the zinger, I don’t want to treat people that way.  I also realized that when I have sarcasm slung at me, I am less likely to want to face the issue or deal with the slinger over whatever the issue may have been.

I am going to work in 2009 on replying without using sarcasm, without getting defensive, without jumping to the conclusion that the other has said or done something to hurt me.

May we all have productive times of lying awake.

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