For United Methodists

I just heard someone say, “Your apportionments pay my salary. [pause] So keep those apportionments coming.”

I guessed wrong at the pause. I was sure the next words out of the person’s mouth were going to be, “So thank you.”

Perhaps I am misinterpreting; but it isn’t often that I hear gratitude out of the mouth of United Methodists who serve in positions that are supported by apportionment dollars.

For those of you not familiar with apportionments, “apportionments” is the term used for the funds local congregations of the United Methodist Church to support administration and mission that is beyond what individual churches do. Apportionments usually range between 12 and 18% of the budget of a congregation.

Some people in some churches refer to apportionments as “taxes,” though this is frowned upon.

A little gratitude would go a long way toward apportionments not feeling like “taxes.”

2 thoughts on “For United Methodists

  1. Isn’t that the truth! Some lower conference level budgets might help ease the taxation feel of apportionments too…but alas, I have drifted off into apportionment task force babble! Blessings, Russell

  2. i am a um pastor; just this past sunday, i thanked the congregation for allowing me to stay in their house. i am homeless! well, i know where i belong,, but i have no physical property on this earth. and i truly am grateful for the local congregation providing a home for me

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