It’s colder than Texas out there!

Texans like to brag about Texas. Many of us talk like everything is better, bigger, etc., here than anywhere else.

For example, we brag about our weather: how cold, hot, wet, dry it is, even about how fast it changes. We have a saying that “if you don’t like the weather, wait a hour and it will change.” I have traveled enough to have heard people from many other places say the same thing about their own weather.

One Texan claim that I still don’t get, after living here for the past 32 years, is that when it is cold here, it feels colder than other places. We’re told “it’s a wet cold.”

The cold front that began pushing through here yesterday will bring us our coldest temperatures in 2 years. Tomorrow morning is supposed to bottom out at 25.

It is 2 degrees in St. Louis right now; 7 degrees in Pittsburgh. And our two year low is going to be 25. We’ve got nothing to brag about when it comes to coldness.

And yet, we find a way to describe our situation as somehow different than others. If it isn’t actually colder, it feels colder, or compared to normal it is colder, yada, yada, yada.

It strikes me as interesting that we all have a desire to be unique, to stand out from the crowd, and I enjoy the irony that we ALL share this desire.

In response, I offer this: despite our (however desperate) attempts to claim uniqueness, and despite our feeling lost in sameness within the sea of humanity, our God loves each and every one of us IN our uniqueness, and in our commonality.

God’s love is a love that will keep you warm, no matter where you live.

3 thoughts on “It’s colder than Texas out there!

  1. My thermometer said -28 this morning. Brrr. Our air is very dry, I like to think of it as cold and crisp! 🙂 But it does tend to take your breath away. Even little things like walking 100 yards, feels like the air is just being drawn out of you.

    Cold is relative. Right now, I think 25 would be balmy!

  2. Speaking of Texas and cold weather…

    Steve, you may want to sit down for this (though I have no idea why you would be standing at your computer). It will come as a shock.

    After college and seminary….

    I think I’m moving to Texas.

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