I’m up earlier than usual this morning. I have to be at SMU (on the north side of Dallas) by 9 am.

On days like this I realize what a creature of habit I am; how routinized my life has become. I have had to break some of that this morning: no hitting the snooze bar, no morning workout, no breakfast with Rachel over the morning paper.

Yet I am maintaining enough of my normal routine that it not unsettling. I’ve kept the same rhythm through shower and shaving, same coffee and breakfast prep, same walk down the driveway for the paper.

Much as I like to think I am a spontaneous, go with the flow guy, I’ve come to realize in recent years that my willingness to be spontaneous depends upon my having some routine established.  I like the new, but don’t give it to me all at once.

3 thoughts on “Routine

  1. I am very fond of certain routines that I have, especially the one that surround starting & ending the day. I’ve got office routines & school routines.

    Some of it is very deliberate for me as I had a grandfather that dealt with Alzheimer disease so I hoping that some routines now will help me when my mind begins to fail.

    I’ve told Sherri that when the time comes to take me out to a remote park and send me down a hiking path.

  2. Certain routines I have are actually about the only times I feel like I am in control of some aspects of my day. Ministry is alot about reacting to things you didn’t plan for or know were going to happen . . .

    -Someone coming to your office with a problem they need to talk about . . .
    -An surprise invitation to lunch (my favorite kind of interruption) . . .
    -A call that some is in the hospital . . .
    -A call that someone has lost their job . . .
    -A call asking for the receipt you haven’t turned in yet . . .
    -Someone asking you to be somewhere “important” on a date and time you have already committed to be somewhere else . . .

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Routines give my mind some rest . . . and perhaps some needed focus.

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