Google = Christians?

The sky is falling!  For almost an hour Saturday morning, Google shut down the  internet!  Okay, They didn’t really shut down the internet, but the search behemoth did label the entire internet as malware – thus labelling each search result with “This site may harm your computer.”

What Google did actually didn’t harm any other website. In fact, the hiccup only affected those who use Google to find other places to go.

Perhaps someone at Google now knows how Christians ought to feel.  We sometimes fancy ourselves as those who connect others with God.  Sure, we will admit that they can find God, connect with God, have a relationship with God without going through us, but we know that we can, and should, be of help in this regard.

How many of us have labelled God as malware to the world around us?  What we do and say doesn’t actually affect the reality and depth of God’s love and desire for reconciliation with humanity, but the church has too often and too loudly expressed and explained God as though God’s intent is to do harm to people.

Fellow Christians, what we do and say represents the God we claim to serve. May we be less likely today than yesterday to misrepresent God to those around us!

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