Y B Christian?

lordteachusWe have decided that we will be teaching and preaching through the Lord’s Prayer during Lent. To help me prepare for this I began reading Lord, Teach Us: The Lord’s Prayer & the Chirstian Life by Willimon and Hauerwas this morning.

Though I am very familiar with both Willimon and Hauerwas’s writings and thought, I started with the introduction anyway. Here’s an interesting bit I read in the introduction:

We have nothing against your life being more meaningful, but that is not primarily what the Christian faith is about. Rather, to be Christian is to have been drafted to be part of an adventure, a journey called God’s Kingdom.

In the midst of so much talk about Christianity being about finding meaning, it is refreshing to see it put in a larger context.  Christianity really isn’t about (primarily) you and I finding meaning, or even about offering it to others so that they can find meaning. It is,. first and foremost, about learning to live in the Kingdom of God, which, Jesus said almost 2000 years ago, already among us.

Do you think the world is ready to listen to the Good News that isn’t about them finding meaning?

Are we?

3 thoughts on “Y B Christian?

  1. I think the premise of the book sounds right on target, AND I think that’s where we can find meaning — as we learn to recognize the Kingdom of God, already among us. I think Jesus’ message was about social justice and extravagant grace, and that is where I find meaning. To answer your question, I don’t know if the world, or at least most American Christians, are ready.

    I’m going to have to get that book.

  2. I can see this same misconception around what yoga is about. Of course, we are fairly secular with our studio, but it seems that mostly people seek it out as a way to find meaning, or as a sort of self-help program. Yoga means union, and so for me, and in a limited way through our teaching, yoga is about union with God and his kingdom, which, as you say, is already among us. Absolutely agree with Betty that Jesus (and yoga) are about social justice and extravagant grace, but i don’t think our clientele is ready for that either. Not yet anyhow.

  3. So we’re supposed to be OK with joining up with something that’s nonsensical? Of course it’s all about making meaning. Otherwise we have no ability to conceive of it at all. Saying that it must be meaningful is NOT the same as saying it has to be all about us.

    My approach to my discipline says that we are teleonomic — self-organizing. We self-organize across the lifespan — greater and more sophisticated levels of self-organization mark the maturity process.

    It sounds nice and selfless to say “it’s not about us, it’s about Him” — and I can agree with that, at least in theory — but I don’t think we get to take the God’s-eye view. I think all I have is the Kim’s-eye view. And for me to enter into it, it has to have some meaning for me — or it becomes part of the noise of the universe.

    I apologize if I’ve misunderstood this conversation! I just can’t feel that I’ve somehow missed the point of faith just ’cause I can’t totally step outside of my meaning-making system.

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