4 thoughts on “Pastor in Chief?

  1. She means “pastor” in the sense of “holding the nation’s metaphorical hand and offering comfort, reassurance, and help.” That is an aspect of pastoral work that fits within many traditions, is it not?

  2. That activity is found in many traditions, but that activity is also found in culture at large. I’m not a cultural historian, but I’d guess that the elements of this job that are found in the culture at large have become detached from the Christian tradition, tradition in a theological or MacIntyrean sense. In the Christian tradition, “offering comfort, reassurance and help” are set in the context of and dependent upon the person and work of Jesus. They are tied to a particular history. In their secularized form they are more likely to be tied to a generalized sense of benevolence.

  3. Yea, I’m going to go ahead and disagree with just about everything DBB says in that article. Those who view things through the modernist lie (that includes so many conservatives and liberals) really get my goat. She obviously is living in a make believe world, and so I will let her continue to reside there trying to not let her get my blood pressure up too much.

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