bush-logoI love Bush’s chicken tenders, but I am just getting into the swing of Weightwatchers, so I’m not eating Bush’s.

We hosted a tour this a couple of Saturdays ago: 88 or so people visited from a church in DFW. Almost 80 of these were 6th grade kids in a confirmation class. After about 40 minutes in the Chapel, presenting MCH and answering questions, we went to the Fellowship Hall for lunch. We served them Bush’s box lunches of chicken tenders.

Did I mention I love Bush’s? We had extra lunches as the group had planned to bring about 100 people. The smell wafted throughout the building.

Some of the 6th graders wanted seconds.  We had plenty.  Some couldn’t finish the lunch they started with.  There was so much chicken around it was making my mouth water.

One chicken tender would not have thrown off my whole day, much less thrust me into uncontrollable eating, but I felt strongly that I would have trouble stopping at one, so I had to stop at zero.

To help save the day (for me), Rachel brought me a tasty almost-no-fat sandwich to help curb my cravings.

We all have to know what things in life may not be wrong in themselves, but for us draw us too close to lines we ought not cross.  Sometimes we have to say no to something to which we ought to be able to say, “yes, but only a little.”

As we move through life learning self control, it also helps to have at least one other person along the path with us; someone willing to bring a sandwich to save the day.

It was very hard for me not to eat any chicken.

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