It’s the little things

i am preaching/teaching today about how much of the life Christ-followers live is made up of little choices and decisions that we have to make every day.

Ok, “little” is a relative term; but I think that many of us miss out on the presence of the Kingdom by making it about awaiting some large-scale supernatural event that will change everything. The presence of the Kingdom is living with and for Jesus, following His example of how to live.

You and I will each have numerous opportunities today to share Jesus with others. Let me know some of the little ways you do.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Steve,

    Sharing Jesus with others comes with emphasizing His power to my children. We hold sacred the Bible, crosses and momentos from our family’s Christian milestones. My kids know that in each and every dilemma that we face, the answer lies in God’s word.

    Somehow, through shared devotions, whether they come to me via email or otherwise, the answers will present themselves in, as some may feel, “small” ways. I don’t believe that His presence is ever small. You are right, nothing is small when it glorifies God.

    He presents himself to me so often, and I love to share those testimonials with others. That connection creates meaningful conversations.

    Those discussions come easy with other believers. It is only truthful to admit, though, that some people make sharing the “good news” more difficult.

    I will have to work on that. I get the feeling at times that my comments about Christ will evoke puzzled reactions, but no one has ever asked me to keep those beliefs and my verbalized faith to myself.

    I’ve thought of your ministry since I ran into our youth minister from Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church, Steve Keaton.

    Can I donate some money to your youth department for those yearbooks??? Remember, mine burned in my parent’s housefire. 9th, 10th and 11th. I believe you are class of ’80 and I am ’81…
    I will have to check on that.

    Thanks for sharing your words,
    McC ’81/ Winston-Salem, NC
    member of Mt. Tabor UMC

  2. I helped in our service Sunday morning. I love the opportunity to be up close to others during “big moments,” reminds me of the deep connections that occur in the context of faith. We had a teen that got baptized. His dad, whose profession requires him to be rock solid and in control in all situations, shed several tears and was obviously deeply moved.

    Some more people have expressed interest in a casual music group that we’ve started. I was just hoping to find a way to connect a few people in some way outside of Sunday morning. It’s turning into something much better.

    My plans for youth fell apart at the last minute. While I played some games with the kids, my wife pulled together a lesson that was cool & engaging.

    At Pub Church, I’ve been able to lead subtly, giving room for others to try sharing in a way that they have not.

    I guess what I’m experiencing a lot of lately is concentrating on my personal spirituality and trying be a servant-leader, emphasis on servant.

    This feels like the way it is supposed to work.

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