GM wants another $16.6 billion dollars and will cut 47,000 employees. As the automotive industry shrinks, the effects will be more and more widespread.

As much as most of us complain about Wall Street bonuses, the Economist reported last month that said bonuses were down enough in 08 to cost New York State over $1 billion in income taxes, and New York City itself around $275 million.

Who is going to make up for those taxes?  If you think the answer is for the government to just tighten its belt, get ready: government belt-tightening will affect more of us than just Wall Street.

You and I have been living off of the taxes paid from these huge bonuses that so confound us.  We’ve been told, haven’t we, that nothing occurs in a vacuum. ripples

But, instead of a long lament about how the economy is going to keep hitting you from all sides, and how wrong we’ve been as a consumerist society to drink so deeply of debt, I want to take this ripple affect in a different direction.

How is your life rippling?  What do you do, what do you say; how do you live such that the ripple affect of your life is rippling in good ways?

3 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. 1. It’s all your fault, you one car family person! Oh well, I guess I have to take some of the blame since I only have old used cars.

    2. People say “trickle down economics” is a bad thing. It’s even worse when it doesn’t trickle down.

  2. I have to wonder, if your question makes no sense in the culture we live in. Most people probably believe that “ripple effect” or “trickle down” ends with them.

    The idea of it “beginning” with them (either positively or negatively) . . . I bet many would shake their heads and ask you for a “re-explanation” unless they have / grasp some concept of environmental / social stewardship.

    I get what you mean . . . at least I am old enough that I ought to . . . it just seems that right now . . . more effort is spent on finding out “who is to blame” rather than considering “what is my responsibility for / in all of this?”

    Right now, I am working hard to redefine for myself what it means to live “simply.” Quite frankly, I have an ever increasing pile of stuff in my garage that I am getting ready to eBay or Craig’s list . . . because it is just “stuff” that clutters up what is / should be important to me at this point in my life . . . faith, family and friends.

    Funny thing in all of this . . . the more I walk . . . and as I return to a former love (hiking) . . . I find myself more drawn to conversation about the environment. When you drive in a car going 70 mph . . . you don’t really see the litter that is out there. When you walk . . . you see all the litter . . . or you are just plain blind.

  3. Perhaps I need to clarify, then: EVERYTHING we do and most everything we say causes ripples out from us in every direction. We are only responsible to an extent for how these ripples reach/affect others, but none of us are merely riding the waves of everyone else’s ripples.

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