I spent suchapela short time yesterday afternoon walking around the campus of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  It has changed quite a bit since I was graduated from there in 1984.

It is still a beautiful campus, and familiar enough for me to wander, trace paths I used to walk daily, remember the times I had there.

As I walked, it felt more and more surreal.  So much life has passed since I was in school there.  I found myself thinking, “If only I knew then what I know now…”

Except, of course, that I couldn’t have known then what I know now.  In fact, much of what I now know depends on my not having known it then!

God, I am grateful for the life you have given me – for all of it!  Thank you, God, for loving me in and through all these years, and thank you for whatever is in store for me next.

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel the same way when I visit S.U. It truly is surreal. A place that’s so familiar and yet I don’t belong there anymore. Every once in a while I come to a new realization of the incredible gift that a Southwestern education was and is. I truly learned to think there … and learning to think opens doors that will never open any other way. In a way, the process of learning to think deeply and thoughtfully and sincerely makes every new thing I learn and incorporate into my life part of my S.U. experience.

  2. I;m not sure you can understand the impact of Southwestern on your life unless you went there. Certainly, college is a formative time for most everyone, but there’s something about old SU that just chokes me up! Even with the new additions, when I walk onto that campus, I just feel at home.

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