The View from Boston I

Rachel and I returned from our Boston/New York City trip last night.  We had a great time!  My opting not to blog the entire week was challenging – we had many experiences and discussions that warranted blogging.  I’ll try to remember them as this week goes along.

Our first night there, we walked from our B&B to Bukowski’s, a local bar that was just past the T station.  We were at Bukowski’s long enough that, eventually, each of us had to use the facilities.

When Rachel returned to the table, she asked me what I thought of scratching “Jesus loves you so much” into the stall wall in a rest room.

I’d never actually given much thought to such an exercise. I suppose someone, sometime, might sit down, see the etching, and have a spiritual experience, or even feel a shot of peace, promise, or Christian encouragement.

Someone else might read it and think, “why do Christian’s damage property?” or even “wow, a Jesus-person comes to a bar, and this is what they leave?”

Bars are good places, as good as any place, for Christians to be living lives that help others want to know and understand and experience the life-changing love of God.  Restrooms walls – not so much.

5 thoughts on “The View from Boston I

  1. Glad you are back and the trip was good.

    On the upside at least they etched it on the wall and did not “write it” with some of the material they came to “drop off” in the restroom…

    It could be worse.

    But this issue of damaging property in the “name of Jesus” is much larger than a bathroom stall door. Churches are very large carbon footprints and we justify it in the “name of Jesus”.

  2. I supposse we could all be luddites and turn away from all technology and save the planet. It’s easy to make a blanket statement like “Churches are very large carbon footprints” without any specifcs behind it. In truth I find most churches are extremely environmentally conscious, and if for no other reason than to save money, don’t waste energy or anything else.
    It’s an interesing thought. I would probably lean more to it’s vandalism rather than a witness. yet it is a witness. I still subscribe that most people come to Christ through a relationship more than a saying read somewhere. Otherwise all those tracts people left in bathrooms back in the 70’s would have caused an explosion in the Christian populace.

  3. “churches are very large carbon footprints”

    Seriously? And here I thought that Churches were the people. That is a pretty large charge for you to make. I would agree with Brian Jones, that most churches attempt to use as little energy as possible. Most likely in an effort to save money, but also because we aren’t into wasting any resources.

  4. From the point of vandalism, not so good, but some bars encourage graffiti.
    Maybe a sticker?
    From Sherri:
    I think I’d rather see Jesus graffiti than an $80 James Avery WWJD bracelet.

    Church is people.
    I don’t know that we are called to build buildings.
    I know of at least one church in California that has given up their building.
    They meet in a park.
    Some were concerned about the weather.
    Their pastor said, “Is the message we’re sharing not worth some risk?”
    I think Christians should spend a lot more time in the real world than in our playhouses.

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