Looking Back, Looking Forward

Jesus said a lot of things, none any clearer than “don’t worry about tomorrow.”

Clear doesn’t mean easy.

I find that some of my own worries about the future stem from the past.

Now, there is nothing I can do about the past; I know this. Why is knowing this not good enough? Why can I not leave the past in the past?

If I could leave the past in the past, I don’t think I would worry much about the future either.

Lord, help me today to live today.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. Narrative theology and quantum physics are really breaking down that understanding that “there is nothing I can do about the past.”

    If we remember the past through stories, then perhaps you are hearing a dominate problem story of the past. Are there other stories which are told along side these dominate stories which you may not hear, forgotten, or are buried?

  2. I’m buying the narrative theology part more than I am the quantum physics part, but I think I see your point.

    I am re-thinking some of these past things in different terms, within different stories. I definitely appreciate that perspective.

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