To Brew or Not To Brew

Reading The Economist yesterday I came across this chart (and article):

waterCoffee takes a lot of water to make! This was a real downer for me; I love coffee, and I am passionate about conservation, also.

I seriously considering converting my drinking to the bottom of the chart. (I could probably learn to live on tea and beer.)

On the other hand, reading Steven Johnson’s The Invention of Air yesterday afternoon, I learned another side of coffee.  The book is the story of Joseph Priestley’s discovery of oxygen, and thus is set in the 18th century.  Coffee was still fairly new to Britain in the 18th century, and had proven very popular.  Johnson attributes the Age of Reason in England to coffee’s popularity.

Before coffee, Brits drank alcoholic drinks. Thus, coffee took some of them from starting their days at least slightly inebriated and relaxed to beginning their days alert and  energetic.

Coffee’s reprieve! I can drink to that.  Fair-trade, organic, shade grown drinking to that, of course.

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