Sometimes I am amazed that I can blog and keep up with other’s blogs from my phone. I catch myself thinking that this “smart phone” might be all the computer I need.

Need. Huh. What an abused word “need.”

For more than the first 30 years of my life I didn’t have even a perceived need to carry a phone around with me.

I finished seminary without needing a personal computer.

Now I feel sometimes like I need only a pocket-sized computer.

I vaguely remember as a teenager trying to convince my parents of needs that were really just desires. Now that I don’t have to convince parents, just myself, the line between need and desire hasn’t necessarily gotten any clearer.

What do you and I really need? If you are reading this, I suspect you have much more than you need.

God, help me gain perspective on the difference between wants and needs.

One thought on ““Needs”

  1. Thank you for this dose of reality. I graduated Seminary 14 years ago, and remember the computer I had to lease. No windows – DOS system. My G1 does more than that first computer. During Lent seems to be just the right time to put things into perspective.

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