Surveying United Methodists

The United Methodist Council of Bishops has identified a trio of current “threats” to God’s good Creation:  pandemic poverty and disease, ecological degradation and climate change, and the world awash with weapons.  The Council encourages all United Methodists to participate in a survey to guide the development of a new document regarding the .

Your opinions will inform their study and writing so the document is as relevant, timely and as powerful as possible. The survey will only take 3-4 minutes to complete, and feel free to share it. Click on to participate. If you would like more information or to receive updates on the initiative, please indicate that at the end of the survey.  If you have trouble accessing the survey, please contact Chuck Niedringhaus at

I am very interested in seeing what the Bishops chose to say about these issues, and to what extent they call the church to action.

9 thoughts on “Surveying United Methodists

  1. Well, I took the survey, and I bet my responses will receive little, if any consideration among the bishops. The political bias of the UMC leadership is so profound that I contemplate leaving the church…

  2. Mostly that there is one. I like to think liberals and conservatives can all be Christians. It seems to me both sides of the aisle have done some great things, and both sides have also managed to screw things up royally at times. Certainly, the church should take a moral stand on issues, and the issues outlined in the survey are significant ones. I just wish that in this (and so many other things) they could manage to frame their arguments in a manner free of such transparent political bias.

    I suppose I could also go on about the merits of general ecological conservation and environmental stewardship versus church promotion of specific global warming theories as fact, but that would be another discussion.

  3. This is the comment I left when I took the survey:

    I believe leadership should be about following the mission of the UMC and the processes by which we go about our mission. It is important that our leadership demonstrate its credibility about following the mission and the processes by which we go about our mission. I personally am not impressed by leadership which needs surveys such as these to tell it what to do.

  4. You make a very good point, Hoffman. One might allege that the Bishops are simply interested in the perspective of the church. One might wonder, also, how bishops are elected who are unfamiliar with the perspective of the church….

  5. I took the survey, but I’m a little confused why the bishops are creating 3 new big focuses; I thought we were focusing on wiping out killer diseases, ministry with the poor, starting new churches, and creating new leadership this quadrenium?

  6. This is the comment I left when I took the survey:

    These issues are symptoms of the one true issue, our worldly sin. For an effort to take place against these symptoms, it must first and foremost be centered around Christ so that we do not create idols. Environmental stewardship should be encouraged because God entrusted the earth to us, but we must focus our eyes on Creator not created. It is the role of the church to take care of those in poverty and stricken with disease. Violence is everywhere in our poor neighborhoods and should be rebuked by all Christians. I would hope that our Bishops would understand these things with discernment from the Holy Spirit, in prayer, and through reading the Word. It is not comforting to see our Bishops conduct a poll on issues that can be decided easily through Holy Scripture, or that the poll is based on a political quote from a non-Wesleyan pastor with clearly liberal theological and biblical views. These issues are very dear to my heart, however another issue I am concerned with is the lack of leadership in our Council of Bishops. I believe the issues should be addressed by local church communities and missionaries with the focus on spreading the gospel and serving our Lord Jesus. I pray for leaders who can lead us away from politics and back to the Father.

  7. Thank you for your comment sheyduck. Ethan, you are so right! I had forgotten about the 4 areas of focus. I believe our leadership should educate, inspire, motivate and fund in alignment with the processes decribed as the way we go about our mission. Additionally, I believe our leadership should maintain a sense of balance amongst these processes since our leadership has stated they are all important in going about our mission. I do not have it in front of me as I live in Mexico, but I am referring to Section 122 of the 2004 Book of Discipline and with the attempt to refer and interpret correctly.

  8. I’m very skeptical of surveys such as this. It feels like a set up for an agenda that has already been decided and this is being used to gather opinion that is supportive.

    If they don’t receive enough opinions, will they drop this on the basis that not enough United Methodists care about them.

    As far as the political implications:
    perhaps the question should not be whether liberals and conservatives can be Christians, but rather what do the politics of a follower of Christ look like?

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