What do You Read?

Ah… Facebook.

One of the latest memes I’ve seen going around is about the 10 books that have most influenced you. I haven’t posted mine, but this really got me thinking.

Several books came to mind instantly. All of them were Christian; some popular, some academic.

As I read through the list of several friends, I saw many non-religious books listed. I began to wonder if I was stuck in some sort of Christian reading ghetto. I wondered if, perhaps, I should read only secular, non-Christian (not specifically Christian themes or topics) for a couple of months.

I mentioned this to Rachel, and she thought I was overreacting. She mentioned a couple of books I’d read recently that aren’t specifically religious. She reminded me that there were a couple of years that I tended to read management/marketing books because of a perceived lack of value among pop-Christian publications.

Last night I finished Elaine Heath’s masterful The Mystic Way of Evangelism. I awoke this morning to the realization that less than of the 9 books I’ve read this year are specifically Christian or exclusively ministry related.

Feeling better about not being stuck in a reading ghetto, I’m going to enjoy The Economist this morning, and go on to begin Beautiful Boy next week.

Do you read in a “ghetto,” or do you read broadly, across different areas of interest?

3 thoughts on “What do You Read?

  1. I read theology, philosophy, history, biography, economics, business/leadership, sociology, language – and plenty of quick fiction. I don’t think a ghetto is my problem.

  2. Oh, I am so in a ghetto. A get-your-PhD-ghetto but still a ghetto. Not books but journal articles, usually on PDF. I haven’t read stuff you get from the local Christian bookstore in years — but I did recently read Here and Now by Henri Nouwen. Other than pragmatic stuff to get-me-thru-the-degree, I loove rereading stuff I already enjoyed many times (Chronicles of Narnia, Jan Karon, Agatha Christie, other non-gory whodunits — especially “the cat who…” series). Doug bought us the 100 greatest books series, leather bound and gold-tooled, and I haven’t gotten around to many of them … sad, but I mainly read while eating or soaking in the bathtub, and you just can’t do that with an expensive binding.

  3. While in Seminary I find myself in a ghetto, but when I am on break I think I branch out. Although I don’t spend much time with fiction. Let me know about Beatiful Boy, I am a bit hesitant to read it.


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