Who Am I?

Driving through Waco can be entertaining.

I’ve heard it said that Waco has more churches than any other city it’s size.  I wouldn’t doubt it.  We’ve got churches everywhere.  Little ones, big ones, and bigger ones.  Waco has churches that meet under overpasses, churches that meet in schools,  and churches that meet in houses.

Driving past several of the smaller ones yesterday, the ones with funny names (you know, like First Church of Deliverance Temple Chapel…), and had thoughts of how I’d like to visit some Sunday. Then I realized I only really wanted to visit so I could look down on them.

Then I realized I was a Pharisee.

6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Wow, man, That is heavy. Maybe you should visit and use it as a meditation in unconditional love.

    Keep on keepin on bro!

  2. No blog trolling here this time, Steve…Just want to say very powerful & also “ouch.” Or as they used to say at Cayote UMC, “Preacher, now you just went to meddlin’.”

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m no theologian, but I doubt that the Pharisees had as much insight as you have just displayed. That in and of itself takes you out of that tribe in my book…

  4. I’m probably guilty of the same thing when my curiosity is aroused by the 30-minute Worship banner on church on I-35.

    I’m thinking they could just put in a drive-through window.

    But I suppose getting them in the door is a start.
    There’s just got to be some meat under the cheese.

  5. I appreciate the perspective, Dan; I’m not always that hard on myself.

    On the other hand, Chris Mesa reminded me the other night that we “Church-types” usually read ourselves into bible stories as Jesus. In addition, I want to be aware that the unchurched society around me tends to assume we, especially us church professionals, are hypocrites, holier-than-thou, and condescending.

    Sometimes we are. Sometimes we aren’t.

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