Random Thoughts Inspired by Bluebonnets

image_159We have a great hillside of bluebonnets here at MCH this spring. There are a couple of places on the campus that are prone to wildflowers this time of year, so these areas don’t get mowed for several weeks.

As the bluebonnets first began to appear a couple weeks ago, I thought about how beautiful they are, and how little work they require.  I pondered this in the context of all the work we put toward various artificial, or at least less native or natural, forms of beauty.

All we have to do to enjoy the beauty of wildflowers is stay out of the way.  Stop mowing, and watch.  Sure, we can sow the seeds, and can water the area if we happen to be having a dry winter, but I was captivated for a couple of days by the thought that wildflowers are beautiful as much because they are wild as because they are flowers.

There is something about each one of us, and something about the ways we share life together, that we ought to learn to let nature alone.  There is at least some residual goodness in creation, isn’t there?  If not, there is something about us, something about creation, which isn’t about what we make of it, but is either about what God made of it in the first place, or what God is making of it now.  Wesleyans call this prevenient grace – we understand that God is working in us, towards us, before we have any idea of who God is or what God might be doing.

So, there is a sense in which, like wildflowers, some things are better left not to our plans, help, direction.  Some things are better, some things about us are better, if we just stay out of the way and watch.

On the other hand, Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seeds and the 4 kinds of soil reminds me that wildflowers or beauty or God’s work dont’ happen equally everywhere.  I still cannot help but believe that God provides the elements, building blocks, all that is really needed for beauty

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