Rohr should be heard!

Bob Carlton shared Mike Todd’s notes from Richard Rohr’s thoughts at the Emerging Church Conference

Richard Rohr:

* With dualistic thinking, someone always has to be blamed. The system caves in on itself * The sun rises on the just and unjust. You can’t form a system of exclusion on that! * Jesus did not come to change God’s mind about humanity. He came to change humanity’s mind about God * We have fly-paper minds… everything that gets close sticks. Don’t call that ‘thinking’. It is narcissistic, egocentric, needy, and fragile * “I have no doubt that the Spirit was in the works of the Reformation.” But you can’t have the need to prove the other wrong (adversarial thinking) and be the contemplative mind * We don’t want to be contemplative because we have to give up control * Belonging/belief systems have come to replace transformation. We must turn from a belief system to an inner experience. Know them, don’t believe them * Recognize that I am living inside a mind bigger than my own. Someone is loving through me, and all I am is the conduit. * Francis didn’t run off and join the Franciscans – He just did it.

4 thoughts on “Rohr should be heard!

  1. Awesome. I’ve only read a couple of Rohrs books and to be honest they were tough to get through. This though is outstanding. I just need the Heyduck Digest Condensed Version it seems. 😉

  2. never encountered rohr before, but thanks to the chain of folks who’ve shared these notes with the “greater sphere”…much appreciated. lots of important ideas here.

  3. Thanks. I’ll look into his writing. It’s good to hear Christians who reminds to turn within and discover God’s message for ourselves.

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