Google This!

Paul Gravley posted this from YouTube on his blog, Authenticity Matters under the title, “Change.”  The part I want to reference comes about 2 minutes in when the fact that there are 31 Google searches each month is typed into a Google search box.  Following this, we are told that in 2006, this number was 2.7 billion (an almost 1150% increase).

The concluding question asked on this segment of the “Did You Know” video is, “To whom were these questions addressed ebfore Google?”

This point is, I argue, a bit overblown.

How many of us have learned, in the last couple of years, that, instead of asking someone a question, we would rather just type it into Google?

How many of us ahve learned, in the past couple of years, to stop answering other people’s questions, and, in turn, told them to “Google it.”

Perhaps the real question is not “to whom were these questions asked,” but rather, “what is the potential damage done to interpersonal relationships in the name of Google?”

I am not blaming Google.  How has Google, how have various new technologies and services engendered complacency toward keeping up relationships?

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