Generations & Technology

Eating breakfast at IHOP this morning, I observed a father and son at a nearby table.

Waiting for their breakfast,the dad had his iphone out and horizontal, texting or playing a game or using some ap. The 9 or 10 year old son was deeply engrossed in a 3 inch thick book.

We adults sometimes like to think that technology plays a big role in the current version of the generation gap. If this is the case, I observed role reversal this morning at IHOP.

The generation currently coming into adulthood, and their younger compatriots, likely have very different attitudes toward and experiences of technology than those of us over 35. Part of the difference we sometimes oversee is that they aren’t as impressed as we are with the abilities o the latest handheld device.

How well we elders integrate technology into our lives, and don’t let it consume us, will directly affect our ability to connect with this younger generation which simplyy accepts it.

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