Where Credit Is Due

I was perusing the CCLI website the other day, and camme across their current list of Top 25 songs according to the reporting churches make regarding their usage.

Number 9 is “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Tomlin, Chris \ Giglio, Louie \ Excell, Edwin Othello \ Rees, John \ P. Newton, John.”

Why is it that John Newton, the original author of the song upon which this is based, is the last one listed in the credits?

2 thoughts on “Where Credit Is Due

  1. Because it’s a new work held to be different than the original, which is different than if he had done a regular cover of the song. It comes down to chord progression/melody. Chris’ new work incorporates John Newton’s work, it doesn’t just replicate it.

    I’m not certain that Louie Giglio was actually more involved than John Newton in the creation of this song, but that’s a different question. I’ve always been curious about the amount of songwriting credit he gets on the legal end of things–is he a songwriter?

  2. It’s a new work – based upon Newton’s words. I’m sure Newton and whatever descendants he may have aren’t fighting for royalties.

    But, let’s face it – without John Newton’s contribution of Amazing Grace, and the historical weight it carries with it, does this song make No. 9?

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