Rule of Thumb

thumb12I think I cut my thumbnail too short a few days ago.  The skin at the tip of my thumb was very sore for a day or two; so sore that it affected how I used my right hand.

Then I realized this morning that it isn’t sore any more.

The odd thing about this to me is that I don’t usually realize when this kind of relatively small but nagging pain goes away.  I usually learn to live with it, to allow it the least possible affect on my life, and go on.

Eventually the pain goes away, but I rarely have the moment that I am aware of it.  Life merely goes on.

We have all dealt with little, regular, nagging pains in our lives; some physical, some emotional.  Most of us have or develop the coping mechanisms to be able more or less to set these pains aside and go on with life.

But how often to do take the time to notice, and perhaps give thanks, that these various pains, difficulties, and challenges don’t last for ever?  Most of the time we go on, and, eventually, they fade sometime after we have dispatched them from our consciousness.

Then, sometimes, we come across someone in the opening stages of such a pain.  It still hurts, and they are still aware of the pain. Coping mechanisms may be about to kick in – and may not.

Since we have forgotten even having had a similar pain, we might too quickly belittle theirs.

Do you remember those pains, small and large, physical and emotional, with which you no longer have to deal?  Pause and give thanks that you aren’t caught up in the pain anymore.  Then, raise your awareness for those who are.

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