Rethinking U2 tickets

u2_2009_late_show_with_david_letterman_4Rachel and I enjoyed our experience of seeing and hearing u2 perform live on the Late Show in early March.  I  have been saying for years that I really want to see U2 live in concert.

Tickets officially went on sale today for their show at the new Cowboy Stadium in Arlington. The show is set for October 12.

I don’t want to spend the money to go. I don’t know how much of this is that, having now seen them live (though only for one song), I am ok with having had the experience.

I think most of it is, honestly, I can spend the money in ways that U2 would prefer I spend the money. I’ve priced some tickets, and with the service charges and delivery fees, it would be a minimum of $150 for Rachel and me to go – that’s not including parking, meal, travel, etc.

I can’t justify paying that much money.

Don’t get me wrong, I can afford it.  I’ve got the money right now. That would not be a problem.

But I’ve just finished The Divine Commodity, which tells the story of modernity turning experiences into the next great thing(s) manufacturers want to sell us. I don’t need to pay for this experience.

How about this: I will keep listening to U2’s music.  I’ll read what they write and say. (Bono had a piece in the New York Times this past weekend) I appreciate the music they play, the lyrics they write, the movements they support.

In fact, I will gladly write a check to the cause of their choice in lieu of the price of tickets.

4 thoughts on “Rethinking U2 tickets

  1. Do we want to extend that to the way we go about church as well?

    Someone could read the bible, understand the message, share it with others, and put their dollars behind the kind of action that the teachings of Christ indicates.

    All that can happen without “going to the show” on Sunday morning.

  2. I wished they would let you know how much of your money was going to the different causes they support. Like if 25% of the cost went to a cause you would support, would you be willing to go even at the current cost?

    If U2 would make those numbers known, perhaps they would not get so much crap. People are “okay” with Gap’s “Red” campaign, or Tom’s shoes, or any number of things where you can see there is an actual donation to a cause. Even if it is only a few pennies of a certain starbucks drink.

  3. I saw U2 when I was in high school. They were good.

    But not as good as Lyle Lovett! (Just had to throw that in there!)

    For a secular perspective, read the book Not Buying It. I think I told you about this a year ago (when we were buying Starbucks before we quit supporting it & that particular store closed), but it’s worth the read. I’ll even LEND it to you so you don’t spend any money.

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