Earth Day 2009

I usually realize it is earth day sometime after 6 p.m.  This year, I am ahead of schedule!

As I walked to and from the administration building here on campus (our campus is 130 acres),  I considered, in honor of Earth Day, to pick up every piece of litter I saw along the way.  I didn’t pick up all of the litter I saw, but I did pick up some.

I almost always walk when I am staying on campus.  I usually need the exercise, and it isn’t worth firing up the car to drive for a two minutes to get where I could walk.

As I’m walking and thinking about picking up trash rather than picking up trash, I think about the number of people who drive instead of walking around campus, and wonder if they ever consider stopping along the way to pick up trash.  I don’t think I would.

A lot of Christians today are going to blog about Creation Care or Earth Day.  A lot of other Christians are going to blog today about how it doesn’t matter what we do to the earth because either we can’t make a difference anyway, or God would just as soon wipe it and us all out anyway.

I don’t think I am doing either.  I don’t care to what degree we as affecting climate change.  I am “green” because I believe it is the responsible way to live since God has given us all responsibility for the planet.

Historically Christians have called this stewardship.

So, if you celebrate or observe Earth Day, enjoy.  If you protest against the celebration or observance of Earth Day, can we all at least agree to take responsibility for the way we treat the planet and each other.

Maybe just for a day?

One thought on “Earth Day 2009

  1. A day is a start. And it is only a beginning. There is much to do and our responsibility to each other is something that has been ignored for decades now. We can see the fruits of that kind of thinking!

    It is not too late. Never too late. And it is certainly never too soon!

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