Get Wormy

100_0022I’ve been wanting to share this with you for some time now.  A year and a half ago Rachel and I became farmers. Worm Farmers.  You can see our vermicomposter, or worm farm, in the picture to the left.

We tried starting a compost pile in our back yard, but there are too many critters aruond, and we didn’t want to splurge for cost of a full-fledged outdoor composter as they run pretty expensive.

We we got worms instead.  We feed our worms food scraps (anything except meat products) and shredded newspaper, and even dryer lint.

Our worms have been happily eating almost half their weight each day for quite some time now.  Avery month or two we pull out the bottom layer and turn it into soil and start a new top layer.

The worms seem content.  We are happy because we don’t have to throw away or waste our food scraps.

4 thoughts on “Get Wormy

  1. Steve, a couple of further questions:

    1. Where did you get the worm bin?
    2. I suppose you keep it inside since the Texas heat would reduce the worms to crispy critters (?)

    Composting minds want to know.

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