How Our Garden Grows

Rachel and I have have a plot of dirt in the front that has no grass.  It is right up next to the house and has a couple of bushes planted, but there is still plenty of open space.  Last summer we made a weak attempt at getting some colorful plants to grow.

This year, Rachel did some research into what kind of plants grow well in this part of the world, and with the amount of sun that plot of dirt gets.  We planted some sage and lantana.  They are growing beuatifully!  WIth some close attention and extra water when they were first planted, they have taken root and now practically take care of themselves.

At the garden sections of the big box stores, you can buy the same plants in Texas, Vermont, Florida, and Oregon.  If you do some homework, though, you can find out what grows well where you live.

Except in cases of extreme drought, we won’t have to water this plot much, if at all, throughout the summer.  If we had picked plants that enjoy Vermont’s or Florida’s summers, we would be watering them everyday.

I wonder how much this is a metaphor for us, too.  If we find places geographical, vocational, and relational for which we are made, we can find that we more naturally grow and flourish.

Are you were you were meant to be?  How do you get there from here?

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