Too Good not to Pass On

You’ve got to see this by David J. Wood.  here is all you need to read before clicking the link, of you haevn’t already:

Last week, I came across an article that drew upon firsthand interviews with folks who “manned” Mission Control. Here is the fact that leaped out at me: the age range (actual ages, not the average) of the personnel of Mission Control in Houston—the center responsible for Apollo 11 once it left earth’s atmosphere—was 25 to 28. The oldest in the room was the Flight Director. He was 35! The astronauts were the old guys in the program—they were 38, 39, & 40.

Reflecting on the youthfulness of the program, the Commander of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, said, “This new Space Age required people who understood digital computers and most of the people in that category were in their 20’s.”

Could the same thing be true in the church?

2 thoughts on “Too Good not to Pass On

  1. That means that those in Houston were in their teens when they heard our youngest elected president cast a visionary goal for the future. There was a lot of real life experience and knowledge base that had to be in place, but the vision and innovation came from youth.

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