Please, sirs, give back the Bible!

I heard the story a few weeks back that the Pentagon’s intelligence briefings for the White House were going to cease carrying quotes from the Bible.  But I hadn’t seent these:

5-19-2009-4-53-23-pmrumsfeld_biblerumsfeldisashithead Thanks, GQ, for sharing them.

I’m pretty sure these aren’t the kind of things Jesus had in mind.

Thank you, Defense Department, for stopping this abominable use of scripture.

Seriously, though, fellow people of the Way, followers of Jesus, and our Jewish brothers and sisters with whom we share a good portion of our Holy Writ:  It is time we re-claim the Word and words.

Let us live into and model the life God calls us to live – so that the image of an M1-A1 will make no sense to anyone should it appear on a page with the words “Put on the whole armor of God.”

(Yes, that really happened)

One thought on “Please, sirs, give back the Bible!

  1. I guess I shouldn’t tell you that when Joel was a Marine M1 A1 Tank Commander, he named his tank Thessalonica. That’s true.

    Your post reminds me of a scene in the movie my fellow Americans when the two past presidents say to one another, “What scripture did you use in your innauguration speech?” After sharing, they said, “Oh, that’s good.” Of course the point was they HAD to use a scripture, didn’t neccessarily believe it!

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