New Toy

acer_aspire_one_blueHere’s a picture of my new toy- as of yesterday, I own a netbook.  An Acer Aspire One to be specific.

My previous laptop, a black macbook, will be 3 years old next week, and has served very well.  But since I somehow cracked the monitor back in January, it has been increasingly difficult to use.

This puppy weighs less than 3 pounds, and is uber-portable and handy.

4 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Acer Aspire One AOA150-1505
    It is exactly as i thought it would be!
    Baterry last for like 4 to 5 hours of hard use!
    The keyboard is a litle small, but it works just fine, you get used to it!
    The only bad thing is the webcam, could be a 1.3 mpixel! It only 0.3!

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