Depth, Distance, Speed

As we crossed over I-30 on the Business 271 overpass, I mentioned to Rachel that I will never pass through Mt. Pleasant the same way again.

We’re in Mt. Pleasant, Texas for a week of CTCYM Mission Trip. Rachel and I and several others arrived a day early to prepare for the rest of the 80 youth and adults.

I have driven through Mt. Pleasant many times – I-30 is the main artery from Central Texas to anywhere northeast of there.  I tend to recognize each of the exits and the restaurants and hotels at them.

But that will all be different now.  I’ve seen more of Mt. Pleasant.  I always figured there was more to it than the quarter-mile or so wide path one can see from the interstate, but now, having taken the time to drive some of those roads, meets some of the people, Mt. Pleasant has become more to me than a few exits on the way between Dallas and Texarkana.

When one experiences something only from the highway, one really can’t expect to know it very well.

You’ve been in and through towns like this, too.

In fact, we’ve all dealt with people in exactly the same way.  I’ve known people who for years I’d never taken the time to get to know; never done much more than pass them by at cruising speed.  It’s easy to stereotype these towns, and these people.

But the people, like the towns, that we spend some time around, slow down and listen to, these are the towns and people we find harder to stereotype.

These are the towns, and the people, we actually get to know.

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