Youth, Adults, and Respect

Story from last week’s mission trip:

Wake-up time each morning was 6:30.  At wake-up time, I made the rounds with my bullhorn, making sure each room of people was beginning to wake up.

In one of the girl’s rooms, an adult would wake up each morning at 6 and turn on the light. As soon as she was dressed and headed off towards coffee, the girls would get up and turn the light off.

Upon hearing this story from her daughter, one of the girls in that room who would turn off the light, one mother who hadn’t gone on the mission trip said, “Why, that’s disrespectful to an adult!”

I suppose it may be; but an adult turning on the lights in a room full of girls trying to sleep, and doing so half an hour before they are required to wake up, is far more disrespectful!

So, how about we make this agreement:

When I, as an adult, treat you, a youth, with respect, then and only then will I dare comment about your being disrespectful.

2 thoughts on “Youth, Adults, and Respect

  1. Steve, when will you learn. Youth do not matter, therefore they do not deserve any respect. You are talking like a crazy person with your “love and respect all people” talk.

    I will continue to join in your fight for youth respect.

    My delima comes in when I feel respect is given to youth and then there is a direct breach of that respect. That is my fight.

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